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As I often tell you creating can be an isolating process and rural living is definitely isolating!! But to my mind creativity needs and thrives in the sharing and collaborating of ideas and processes and dreams before retreating to ones space to absorb and make. So I went exploring and asking and now I Interview.

David Litchfield, a wonderfully irreverent illustrator, has kindly taken part in this inaugural segment (what a sport!), so without further ado let me introduce him to you:

David thank you very much for doing this now would you mind telling me, the audience and anyone else who drops by a little bit about yourself and your ‘Drawing a Day’ project- anything you think might be relevant:

I’m David Litchfield and I’m attempting to establish myself as an illustrator. In June 2011 I will have completed a project called ‘Drawing A Day’ which is pretty much just me doing a drawing every day for 1 year and posting it on Facebook. 

What prompted you to begin, and officially display on Facebook, the ‘Drawing a Day’ project?

My earliest memories are of my drawings. I can remember very clearly drawings I did when I was 4 or 5 of Jabba The Hutt, my dog, my brother, The Beastie Boys, etc, so drawing is something that I have always done every day all my life.

I never really thought about drawing being a potential career for me- even at Art school my project work was rarely drawing based and was made up mainly of film and video, graphics, stop motion animation projects.

In fact- and I really don’t know why- but I was a bit embarrassed that I enjoyed drawing so much. It might have been because I was praised for it at school by my teachers and by my mum and maybe I was trying to rebel against it or something! (That sounds ridiculous but it might be true). The years after art school were also made up of being in bands, writing songs and making music videos for my friends bands. Basically, stuff that didn’t involve much drawing (although I did draw my band ‘Tinker Jack’s’ E.P. cover). I definitely wasn’t thinking too seriously about becoming a professional illustrator.

In April 2010 a local music promoter called Jez Brown needed a poster for a gig he was putting on for a fantastic band called ‘Rue Royale’. So I drew one for him and I was really pleased with how it came out (you can see it here):
At the moment your drawings mostly seem to be of characters- I’d like to know a bit more about how they evolve- do you hit the page with an intention or does it form during the process of drawing?

Most mornings I have no idea what I’m going to draw. I’m still half asleep to be honest. It’s quite a nice way of doing it because the part of your brain that is saying ‘Oh, don’t draw that, it’s far too weird’ is still asleep so my drawing inhibitions are not a factor at all.
I agree that a lot of them are characters but honestly I don’t know who they are and where they come from. It’s almost like the ‘stream of conscious’ style of writing where you just write the first thing that comes to mind and let it flow.( But obviously for drawing). I just put pen to paper and see what happens. The fun part is where you can add backstories and names to them after you have finished.

Sometimes I do worry about some of the things that turn up on the paper though.

How has this project affected your work? Your technique, your materials and your, well, general approach to you know your work?

It’s affected it in lots of ways. As I mentioned earlier I started it to take illustration more seriously, and you can kind of see that in the earlier drawings where it is just random doodles.
To be honest it wasn’t until a few weeks in to the project that I really started to think a bit more about what I was doing. I realized that a few random people who I didoject as a way of experimenting and trying out new things. There are a lot of mistakes in the drawings and a lot of drawings that don’t work, but I still put them on-line because I see at the project as a big on-line sketch-book that people can see and comment on. 


David continues:

I am shocked at the interest it’s gathered. This past year has been a bit mental to be honest. Because of Drawing A Day I have won a few illustration commissions such as a CD cover for the band Sweetheart and some private commissions. Also, Rue Royale asked me to draw their album cover which I was super chuffed about.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Matt Witt and Creaturemag regularly since starting the project.
One of the funnest things I have done is a 13 page children’s book written by Pamela Page. It’s called ‘The Big Hairy Spider’ and I had the best time drawing it. I have just finished it but will let people know when its available.

Recently, a few galleries have contact me regarding showing the whole ‘Drawing A Day’ project when its completed. This is super, super exciting. There’s going to be 365 drawings so I’m not quite sure how it will work, but it will be great.

But really Drawing a Day has made me look at techniques and styles of drawing. I like to think that I am developing in terms of style (or a few sub-styles at least) and I’m trying a few things out. For example I had never used water-colors before and I’ve started to play around with pastels too.                           

It’s made me think about what I’m good at and what I need to work on. I really like how I draw trees and feet. But I need to work on my noses and ears. Also, I don’t draw many buildings and this is something I should try out before the project ends.

Just thinking about all these things from the last year is just crazy really. I’m really pleased that I decided to do the project. I would recommend it to anyone.

Now David mentioned Creature Magazine and it is through watching his contributions to this fabulous website that I too grew the courage to give it a go: AND VOILA my pictures have been included in an article on the magically sounding CYRA MORGAN by the lovely BETTY WOOD. HERE IT IS!



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06/28/2011 12:59

I love the new "I interview" so interesting to see how the work comes about. Inspiring to read and watch. Love your work David. This project will do wonderful things for you, well done!


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